Getting The Best Value For Your New Timber Deck

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The keys to a better timber deck

Getting a new timber deck for your Sydney home can be a great experience, by following a few simple steps. This will ensure you’re on track for the best decking solution to suit your needs and budget.

3 Keys To The Best Timber Deck For Your Sydney Home

Getting the timber selection right for your deck

Naturally, if you’re building a timber deck, getting the right timber is quite important. Lower quality or poorly suited timbers, can leave you with a deck that cups, warps and twists. This can take all the enjoyment out of your new deck… so here’s how to avoid all that.

Finding the right timber

The first step in selecting your timber, is to look at it context of the type of deck being built and your location.

A big factor in the long term stability of your deck, is determined by the moisture level in your timber. By only using timber that has been kiln dried, you can prevent many of the issues associated with poorly regulated moisture content. To be sure you know what you’re getting, always ask for the certification of kiln drying.

Important to understand, is that not all timbers are alike… or what they appear to be. Due to ever increasing demand for most building timbers, there has been a rapid increase in timber sourced through illegally harvested and juvenile timbers. Any money you may save in the initial purchase of these timbers, will create expensive problems later for the quality of your deck. Not to mention the environmental damage caused by unsustainable logging practices.

To ensure the quality of your timber and the sustainability of this resource, Deck-Max will only ever supply timbers supplied via government regulated harvested. This is validated by a certificate of origin and chain of custody. The benefits of taking care in your timber selection, will enable you to have a deck that you can confidently appreciate for many years to come.

Looking for assistance to select the timber for your deck?

Why not see the options on our timber options page, or contact a decking specialist for assistance with your project.

timber deck hidden fastener

The right deck fastening system

Have you ever seen an old deck with raised or cracked boards, maybe a protruding nail or two? Thought that this is a sight you’d like to avoid on your deck?

Selecting the right fastening option can help you do exactly that. Many of the problems associated with traditional decking fixings, is that they rely on fastening the deck through surface fixings. These surface fixings can later protrude or pop through the decking boards.

Using the Deck-Max secret fastening system, provides an effective alternative to these issues. By attaching in the sides of the boards, the top surface of your deck is kept free of fixings, showcasing the entire decking surface. Additional benefits include a stronger installation, that provides more efficient installation and maintenance.

More details about your fastening options can be found on our hidden fasteners page or by enquiring here to talk with a decking specialist.

The right decking installation

There are a few options when it comes to the installation of your timber deck.

Essentially, you can either do it yourself, or have your decking installed for you.

If you’re the one installing your decking, either as a DIY project or as a professional builder who is using the Deck-Max fixings for the first time, our team is here to provide the assistance you need. There are also a number of demonstration videos available, that will help you to see a live example of how to efficiently install your deck with hidden fasteners.

An important thing to be aware of, prior to install, is any local building codes and factors such as ground proximity or the bush fire rating for your location.

Deck-Max also has a Pro-Builder program, providing support for professional builders and carpenters, using Deck-Max for their clients, whilst creating a network of experienced installers for those home owners who are happy to have professional tradespeople take care of the installation.

For any queries on finding an installer in your area, to ensure the best results, simply contact Deck-Max by clicking here.

poolside timber deck

The best timber decking experience

At Deck-Max, our goal is to give you a great experience in creating the ideal deck for your home.

Whether you’re an experienced builder, or embarking on your first DIY project, Deck-Max is here to help. Your Deck-Max decking specialist will take out the guess work of getting the best decking solution for your needs.


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